Ep 8: Favorite Book-to-Movie Adaptations

It’s been a long unplanned hiatus, but Long Distance Lit is back!

In this episode, Katie and Sarah reveal their favorite existing book-to-movie adaptations. We also learn from Sarah’s picks that she loves animated films, and from Katie’s picks that her taste follows no discernible pattern and can be predicted by no living mortal.

This discussion is specific to adaptations where we’ve read the book as well as seen the movie/tv show. We have somehow managed to keep from talking about the Harry Potter movies – a Harry Potter episode will happen one day, we promise!

Next episode, we’ll be sharing a super special update from Sarah in regards to a book series discussed in a previous episode.

Episodes are released the first weekend of the month.

You can find us on our website and Instagram.

You can also find Sarah on Instagram and YouTube.

Check out this episode!

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